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IT Security Engineer

Joining aPAL™ is to join a company with an ambitious growth at the beginning of a new business venture. This is a unique entrepreneurial adventure. It is operating in an environment where routes and progressions are not static, in a spirit of mutual trust and emulation
You will be responsible for monitoring the action plans related to the results of audits. You participate in the implementation of the annual plan for information security as well as technical security audits (vulnerabilities websites, software vulnerabilities, code review, review of documentation). You write reports and safety procedures, awareness guides …Candidate profile graduate business school or BTS Computer, you have a first experience in the IT environment. Qualifications Rigor / Reliability Integrity Writing Deductive reasoning ID problem

Sales Engineer

You are responsible for a portfolio over a given area and implement the framework identified by its business strategy. You contribute to the achievement of business proposals; negotiate contracts. You manage your business records: Identify customers, make mature and sign orders.
You show products and complete tool for qualifying customers. You may need to seek internal resources, including pre-sales, legal services. You participate in actions to have updated your technological and functional knowledge areas you (work environment, economic, technological, competitive …) You contribute to the rise of information changes the ecosystem Sage (customer, competition changes needed) and drive reporting activities.
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