Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Many companies and agencies are directed to the flexibility and capabilities of Internet resources to increase productivity, improve the responsiveness of their business and maintain a competitive advantage. Web solutions help integrate people, processes, applications and information.

Creating websites is our passion. Engineers and professionals are able to perform tasks of any complexity. Effective solutions for customer satisfaction are fundamental standards in everything we do. Areas of technical expertise include:

  • Development of traditional websites
  • Custom Design
  • Development of Mobile Websites
  • E-Commerce solutions and online shops
  • Development of enterprise portals
  • Integration of custom CMS
  • Implementation of enterprise systems
  • Development of CRM and ERP systems

Conventional websites

  • * Home page
  • * Landing Pages
  • * Contact Page (form)
  • * Administrator Panel
  • * Engine blog (optional)
  • * Gallery (optional)

Web for Mobile

  • * Websites optimized for all mobile platforms
  • * Brand Consistency
  • * Attractive Design
  • * Compatible with all platforms
  • * Automatic redirection to the mobile version

E-Commerce Sites

  • * Shop online turnkey
  • * Home
  • * Catalogue
  • * Shopping
  • * Integration with payment systems (PayPal)
  • * Control Product Management
  • * Register (Optional)

Enterprise portals

  • * Fully Integrated Enterprise Portal
  • * Improved business profitability
  • * Integration of people, processes, applications and information within your company
  • * Optimum utilization of human and computer resources
  • * Effective Information Management
  • * The highest level of security


APAL™ has over 7 years of extensive experience in web development complete cycle which includes:

  • Needs analysis, developing concepts and specifications
  • Web design
  • Development of a rich user interface
  • Backend development
  • QA testing (manual and automated)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


In the contemporary world web development is a science and a philosophy that promotes specialization for the sake of perfection. The Elinext experts worldwide web master key technologies

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